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Artist Spotlight: Cheem


Kicking off the week of Artist Spotlight with a look at Trumbull, CT's own Cheem! The band consists of Josh Pavel on guitar and vocals, Skye Holden on guitar and vocals, RJ Briggs on bass, and Gabe Weitzman on drums. The band have a raw, energetic blend of pop-punk that sounds like it was made in a garage, just like the old days back in the early 00's when pop-punk bands were coming out of the woodwork and crafting sonically cohesive jams that really spoke to the youth of the time. These guys do a fantastic job of keeping that spirit alive with energetic anthems and immensely skilled instrumentation that speaks to mind about the depth of talent currently embedded in the group as we speak. A terrific upstart band worthy of notice here on the site. Some tracks for you to unearth include "Chicks Love Gongs" and "Elka".

For more info on Cheem, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here and stay up to date with everything that is happening in the band's musical realm. The guys are on Twitter as well from this locale here and see when they might be venturing up to New England sometime soon for a concert appearance. Check out the band's recently released effort titled "Elka" now available on a name your own price basis over on their Bandcamp site located here.

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