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Artist Spotlight: Yellerkin


Have an Artist Spotlight today from a Katonah, NY based duo by the name of Yellerkin! The band consists of Luca Buccellati and Adrian Galvin, Luca you may remember from his other collective called Bear Language and is stepping out into another group featuring a unified bond of musical wisdom and knowledge that sounds amazing when combined and is really refreshing to hear the finished product. It's impossible to pin down exactly what genre they fall under and what artists they're similar to, but all that matters is that they're churning out quality music and Luca's vocals sound absolutely breathtaking and transport you into another dimension that feels like a musical daydream of sorts. An intriguing act that is definitely worthy of a look over. Some recommended songs for you to check out include "Solar Laws" and "Tools".

For more info on Yellerkin, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here so that you can stay up to date with all their pertinent musical happenings, including future tour dates. Check out their music available exclusively on Soundcloud right here.

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