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Bright Lights Releases Acoustic Version of "How You Love Me"


Based out of Marlboro County, SC Heather Bright (who goes by the stage name Bright Lights), has released an acoustic version of her track "How You Love Me". The stripped down version is like an entirely different song altogether with beautifully syncopated vocals and a soothing, calming presence to charm and entertain you that leaves you spellbound by the time the track has concluded. I was thoroughly impressed with Bright Lights and while I'm not a huge electro-pop fan, I found this stripped down track really stood out from the pack and delivered on everything it promised upfront.

To take a listen to "How You Love Me", it's available for your listening pleasure on Soundcloud here and for more info on Bright Lights, 'Like' her on Facebook here and give her a follow on Twitter over here.

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