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NYC Punk Legends Reagan Youth To Perform at Mid East Downstairs on 9/27


NYC punk legends Reagan Youth are slated to make their long awaited return to the Boston area this weekend with a performance at The Middle East Downstairs this coming Saturday 9/27. This tour finds Paul Cripple performing some of the last works he made with the late Dave Insurgent, who committed suicide 20 years ago. The effort is called "House of God" and was only made available as a demo tape just weeks before Dave's untimely demise. Joining Paul in the new lineup is Trey Oswald, Tibbie X, and Stig Winsper in what is sure to be a rocking and unrelenting release of raw, punk passion that will bring devoted fans out of the woodwork just to see one of the greats play in a rare setting.

The show also features GBH, Angry Samoans, and Burning Streets. For more info and to buy tickets, head on over to TicketWeb right over here.

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