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Mount Sharp - Weird Fears EP


Brooklyn based fuzz rockers Mount Sharp have just unveiled their latest EP titled "Weird Fears". The collection is a juxtaposed blend of spaced out rhythms that can't possibly be confined to one genre, and hints at a remarkable musical progression for the group who continues to find ways to hone their craft.

The disc starts out with "Crazy Eyes", a distorted number that jumps all over the musical radar and is a little abrasive in its musical offering to the audience, but the band won't have it any other way and it's in their nature to offer these jangled pieces of musical joy to a curious listening audience. "Skin" is my favorite track off the album, a decidedly more toned down and moody number that shows off some diversity in the band's catalog, and are more than just a one trick pony who consistently find ways to move outside their comfort zone and into arenas where they're allowed to evolve and flourish with remarkable aplomb. "Serial Killer" is a more rapid number featuring more syncopated vocals and a strong melodic nature that shows the group in a perfect state of mind and are just scratching the surface with this diverse effort heard here so far.

The second half features "Turing", a simple yet elegant number that is for the more refined listener and has a certain beauty to it that is unheralded and unmatched by any other upstart act currently out there today. "Icarus" begins to usher in the conclusion of the album with some terrifically constructed instrumental pieces stacked upon one another that shows what the band have accomplished to this point for the audience to catch a glimpse of. "Whiskey Ginger" ends it all here with a breezy number that shows off the band's influences in one fell swoop, and gives potential listeners ample reasons as to why they should pay attention to the band in the first place.

All in all, a solid and well thought out effort from Mount Sharp, an upstart act who are in the midst of finding their groove and are constantly finding methods to attract audiences in a distorted fashion that has become the band's hallmark in some ways.

Listen on Soundcloud right over here.

EP Score: 3.5/5

Track Listing:

  1. Crazy Eyes

  2. Skin

  3. Serial Killer

  4. Turing

  5. Icarus

  6. Whiskey Ginger

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