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Boston Manor - Driftwood EP


Blackpool, UK's native sons Boston Manor are back with their sophomore EP titled "Driftwood". The follow up to "Here/Now" finds the pop-punkers turning it up to 11 with an explosive, melodic outburst that shows the leaps and bounds they've made in musical maturity and talent with a set that evokes the mindset of all the bandmembers, and is a snapshot of a band that is in the midst of finding its calling.

The effort starts out with "Salt Water", a fast paced track colcing in at 1 minute 15 seconds that goes the distance with fast paced guitar rhythms and high energy vocals that is only the cusp of what is to follow. My favorite track off the effort by far is "Peach State", an absolutely flawless track from start to finish that sees the Cunniff brothers Mike and Daniel bring their talents full circle, and makes everyone else in the band believe that they're better than what they actually are with thunderous, top notch guitar licks and superb vocals that remind me of a young Brand New, a band that the members of Boston Manor look up to immensely. The title track is another solid composition with a path carved out by laserlike precision from the guitar riffs that give off a strong musical state of mind that sees the band firmly entrenched in their comfort zone, and show off the band's arsenal in one fell swoop.

"Wolf" gets the job done with safe guitar riffs and blasting, ear piercing vocals that really make you feel the emotionla volume of what the band is trying to convey to their listening audience. "See You In Three Years" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with a well produced number that is throwback, early 00's pop-punk at its finest that strikes a nerve with the listener that transports them to a different world and into the company of their peers where everything is no holds barred. "Square One" closes it all out here with a tune that brings everything full circle and does a great job of encapsulating everything we've heard previously into one sharp looking number that shows off everything that there is to love about these four charming chaps. I've had the pleasure of knowing these lads for over a year now, and they have quickly become some of my closest friends where they have totally hit it home for me and encapsulate everything that there is to love about music with a youthful, dynamic edge that I haven't seen since my high school years where bands like New Found Glory and Brand New were getting through to audiences like no one else can, and Boston Manor is doing just the same 10 years later and is definitely something to be treasured and admired.

In summary, an extremely well produced and written effort from Boston Manor, a band that in my opinion has punched their ticket to the States where American listeners will definitely welcome them with open arms, and gives the boys ample opportunity to make a dent on the U.S. musical shores. Highly recommended!

EP Score: 4.5/5

Purchase the album via Failure by Design's Bandcamp page right here.

Track Listing:

  1. Salt Water

  2. Peach State

  3. Driftwood

  4. Wold

  5. See You In Three Years

  6. Square One

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