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Meghann Wright To Perform at The Middle East Upstairs Tonight

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Brooklyn based songstress Meghann Wright is slated to perform at The Middle East Upstairs tonight. Meghann has a soulful, impeccable voice that permeates throughout all the instrumentation throughou her music, and blends together different genres to create something so unique and passionate that it's almost exclusive to her own little world. I've covered Meghann several times before here on the site, and she definitely has that little extra edge and spark to her that sets her apart from her contemporaries and gives her some creedence that when all is said and done, makes her a real tour de force.

The show also features Green Gallows, Raine, and Paper Waves. Doors open at 8PM and tickets are $12 at the door. For more info on Meghann Wright, 'Like' her on Facebook here and give her a follow on Twitter right over here.

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