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NBA Player Music Roundup

With the NBA season just getting underway, now is a good time to get in tune with the music of your favorite basketball players with my NBA Player Music Special! This is the one of the major pro sports that I've neglected to cover here on the site, but now I present it to you in all its glory with song picks geared for the players as they head out onto the court, ready for the task at hand. I've chosen 5 NBA players along with their personal song selection that they enjoy listening to while prepping for the game or unwinding after a hard fought victory. Here are the music picks:

Andre Iguodala (Golden State Warriors) Childish Gambino - II Earth: The Oldest Computer (The Last Night)

This young up and comer with the Golden State Warriors has chosen realtive newomcer Childish Gambino as his warm up music. Originally coming up with the Philadelphia 76ers, Andrew is adjusting to his time on the West Coast and this music is primed to get him in playing shape and ready to tackle the challenges that lay on the court.

Brandon Jennings (Detroit Pistons) Eminem - Lose Yourself

Appropriately enough, Brandon's song choice comes from an artist who is native to the Detroit region, Eminem. The Pistons have been in utter irrelevance for quite some time now, but Brandon is focused on doing whatever he can to help his team win and shut out the negativity that sometimes affects b-ball players to a certain degree.

Chandler Parsons (Dallas Mavericks) Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour

The Florida Gator product has chosen Sam Smith's breakthrough album "In The Lonely Hour" as his chargeup. Originally with the Houston Rockets last year, Chandler signed in the offseason with Dallas and is looking to be well compensated for his abilities that he brings to the court night in and night out, and his music helps keep his emotions in check as well.

Jamal Crawford (Los Angeles Clippers) Wale - Heaven's Afternoon

This rising star with the LA Clippers has this stylish hip-hop track from blossoming newcomer Wale. While the Clippers fell short in the playoffs last year, Jamal hopes to bring his A game to a whole new level as his team struggles to shed its underdog status and move into a higher echelon of respectability and success.

Jeremy Lin (Los Angeles Lakers) Hillsong - Cornerstone

Meanwhile, the other LA team acquired Jeremy Line, who has some soulful Chrstian music that goes along with his upbringing with this intriguing musical choice. A fan favorite with the Knicks a few years ago and spent some time with the Rockets most recently, Lin has taken his talents to the City of Angels where he hopes to inject some excitement into a town that is passionate about its basketball.

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