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Vacationer To Hit Up The Sinclair Next Monday 11/17 w/ Brick + Mortar

Philadelphia based nu-hula act Vacationer is set to grace us with their presence next Monday 11/17 when they stop by The Sinclair in Cambridge on their current nationwide tour in support of their latest album titled "Relief", which came out this past spring. The band have been gaining a following with their tropicalia styled blend of indie pop picking up fans left and right, and spawns visions of audience members swaying back and forth like palm trees billowing in the breeze as the members go about their business performing for an attentive crowd in gathering. Frontman Kenny Vasoli has truly found his calling and has become a beacon of positivity and warmth for those who have looked up to him for so long.

To purchase tickets for next Monday's festivities, head on over to this link here and for more info on Vacationer, visit their official website here and 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow them on Twitter right here.

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