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Danny Malone - SpeedDreamer

Austin, TX based singer-songwriter Danny Malone has released his brand new full length album titled Speedreamer. The collection is a raw and revealing set of tunes aimed at creating an aura of buzz and comfort with Danny's impeccable guitar skills and emotionally charged voice making the listener feel immediately at ease and keep their attention all the way throughout.

The album's title track kicks off our musical style with a subtle, intricately arranged number with soft, whimpering instrumentation and Danny's mellow vocal refrain setting things off in motion and creating a wavelength of calmness and deep passion that is his hallmark and sets things up nicely for the rest of the album to follow. “Limbo” features more varied instrumental arrangements, most notably Danny's insane skills on the acoustic guitar that picks up the melodic velocity substantially, and gives Danny some diversity as an artist that is one of the characteristics that most musicians strive for. “Black Cat” is a more darker number than the other tracks, and has more hallowed instrumentation that leans in a different direction than the others, but is still a solid track nonetheless. “Hives” is my favorite track off the album that brings together all of the qualities that make Danny great with wonderfully pieced together instrumentation and Danny's astounding vocal abilities giving the listener much to look forward to.

The second half of the effort brings us “Bottom of The Lake”, a somewhat more upbeat number with organically laced acoustic melodies and Danny's pure, unadulterated voice once again working its magic through the confines of this tune. “Olympia2” gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with downtempo melodies and Danny's voice billowing softly in the distance that warns us of the impending conclusion of the album at hand. “Haunted, My Only” ends the collection here with a slow and steady number that brings in all of the musical elements we've heard previously and puts it on a serving platter for all of us to marvel over. Danny is a tremendous talent that has a real knack for creating deep, honest songwriting that rivets the listener and makes them feel like a part of the action.

All in all, a terrific effort heard here from Danny Malone, an unfamiliar name who will soon become a frequent listen in your music library where his sense of musicality is beyond question and holds a special place amongst those who come into contact with him.

Track Listing:

  • SpeedDreamer

  • Limbo

  • I'm An Artist

  • Black Cat

  • HIves

  • Junebug

  • Bottom of The Lake

  • Olympia2

  • Monkey

  • Haunted, My Only

Album Score: 4/5

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