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PA Based The Yetis Heat Things Up With "Warm California"

Based out of Allentown, PA The Yetis warm up the pre-winter blues with the upbeat slice of heaven known as “Warm California”. The track blends together upbeat indie rhythms, and conjures them upon a melodic scale that is vivacious and gives the song life as it blasts out of your speakers with laserlike precision. I dug this track from the get go, and really understood the concept and basis the band was aiming for in the studio, which was a simple structured tune that let the members of the group do their own thing, and pick each other up when needed.

To take a listen to 'Warm California”, it's available for streaming on their Soundcloud site right here and for more info on The Yetis, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter over here.

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