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NHL Player Music Special

My long awaited NHL Player Music Special is finally here! This roundup completes my look at the music tastes of athletes from the 4 major professional sports leagues, but this one in particular I''m very proud of as it looks at a sport that is constatntly growing in popularity each and every year, and has an insane and rabid fanbase in every city you go. I took the time to highlight a few players from across the league to highlight the player's music pick that defines their personality, but also the spirit and essence of their team as well. And without further ado, here it is:


Adam McQuaid – Boston Bruins Florida Georgia Line: Round Here

The ripped and jacked defenseman with the sleek mullet has this Florida Georgia Line on his pre-game playlist. McQuaid is out for the next 4-6 weeks with a broken thumb and is well known for his long list of injuries, but when healthy he is a force to be reckoned with and can level opposing players right to the ice. One of my personal favorite players on the B's, he has a strong and dedicated work ethic that is an inspiration to myself and countless others.


Kris Letang – Pittsburgh Penguins Korn: Falling Away From Me

A different shade of black and gold follows represented by the power of Kris Letang. The Penguins have a dominant force behind them with Crosby and Malkin, but Letang provides a serious punch and some great music taste to go along with it with this classic track from Korn. A highly skilled skater on both ends, Letang adds oto the backbone of a Penguins team that is a constant playoff threat year in and year out.


Drew Doughty – Los Angeles Kings Hoodie Allen: January Jones

The spirit and essence of the Kings are well represented with this exquisite hip-hop track from the Kings defender. A highly visible player during last year's successful Stanley Cup run, Doughty provides some speed and some slick defensive moves that are highly regarded by everyone in the league, and has a smooth way about him that makes him a player that is almost impossible to hate.

download (1).jpeg

Patrick Kane – Chicago Blackhawks Fall Out Boy: Centuries

One half of the dynamic duo ok Kane/Toews, Patrick has this terrific track from the hometown heroes of Fall Out Boy. A player who has matured in all facets of the game inside and out, Kane has emerged as one of the premiere players in the league with a versatile skill set that is unmatched and unheralded, and gives his Blackhawks some depth and character that have carried them to 2 Stanley Cup championships, and possibly more to come.


Matt Duchene – Colorado Avalanche Placebo: Running Up That Hill

This emerging player from the Avalanche has this classic alt rock track from Placebo as his song of choice. A highly touted player coming up from the organization that has a remarkable presence on the ice with some impeccable speed skills that make opposing teams wary in their tracks, Matt has a high degree of awareness and agility while out on the ice that gmake him the X factor in every game they play.

download (2).jpeg

TJ Oshie – St. Louis Blues Nelly: Ride Wit' Me

Our very own American treasure supports his hometown citizen Nelly with this instant classic from his debut release. Oshie captured the hearts of everyone in America with his heroics in last year's Winter Olympics in Sochi. While USA didn't capture the Gold, TJ's name will forever be engraved in the classic of American hockey lore with his massive presence and big heart making him a tour de force on the ice and one of the centerpieces of the Blues franchise.

download (3).jpeg

Charlie Coyle – Minnesota Wild Florence + The Machine: Dog Days Are Over

Showing some hometown love from Weymouth, MA from this emerging youngster from the Minnesota Wild. He has some indie rock in his arsenal with this track from Florence + The Machine, and is well on his way to achieving a great deal of success out with the Wild. While he does have his local roots where he played with BU, you can't help but to root for the kid and ensure that he plays his heart out each and every time.

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