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Parachuter Make A Statement With A Wholly Instrumental Approach

A few weeks ago on December 12th, I encountered a local band by the name of Parachuter at The Middle East Upstairs. The evening was put on by the fine people of WEMF Radio and this was my first time checking out the band. Not knowing what to expect, I witnessed one of the most incredible and unique sets I witnessed in recent memory. What made the performance all the more special was the band's total and complete mastery of the instrumental approach, marked by the absence of vocals that allows the listener to pick up on the massive wavelength of instrumentation that gives each member the chance to show their individual talents to the audience. I was more than pleased with the performance, and what it showed me that sometimes the most simplest performances are the most memorable that gives off a “Where were you” moment that sparks a wave of curiosity like no other.

For more info on Parachuter, 'Like' them on Facebook here and check out their official website right here for music, news, and more in depth info surrounding them.

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