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NC Based Tyler Nail Releases Revealing Track "San Antonio"

Based out of Winston-Salem, NC Tyler Nail really hits it home with his revealing track, "San Antonio". The cut is a passionate, focused track that peels off layer by layer bits and pieces of all the elements that make Tyler great. From his smooth, passionate voice to his finely tuned precision on the guitar, he has all the elements that define what it is to be a great singer-songwriter. North Carolina is known for having a huge folk rock following with acts such as The Avett Brothers emanating from that region as well, and it's omnipresent at every street corner in the area where his influence comes from. An immensely talented musician with endless potential abound in the near future.

To take a listen to "San Antonio", it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right here and for more info on Tyler Nail, 'Like' him on Facebook here and check out his official website conveniently located here for more in depth info surrounding him.

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