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Pats-Colts AFC Championship Game Music Preview Special

Championship Game weekend is officially here, and today we're going to look at SUnday night's hotly contested matchup between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. The Pats are in the AFC Championship Game for the 4th year in a a row, looking to make a trip towards Glendale in 2 weeks for the Super Bowl. The Colts are coming off a strong victory over the Denver Broncos and avenge the blowout loss that they suffer at the hands of the Pats during the regular season. I've chosen some music picks for each team that suits the player's pesonality and the style that they bring to the field. Here they are:

Tom Brady - Thrice "Firebreather"

Our own #12 has this Thrice number as his theme song. Tom Terrific has definitely shown no signs of slowing down with his age, and continually proves why he's the best QB in the league with his strong passes and ability to target players down the route with pinpoint precision. We'll see if his talents are good enough to lead to a Super Bowl berth come Sunday.

Julian Edelman - Minus The Bear "Burying Luck"

The ripped and jacked Edelman is coming off a strong performance last sunday in the divisional game against the Ravens where he threw a 51 yard TD pass to Danny Amendola that helped lead his team to victory. Edelman has soared in terms of offensive production and is constantly one of Tom's favorite targets when it comes to catching a pass. He is definitely one of my favs on the team, and is definitely one of the leaders when it comes to being motivated.

Andrew Luck - Wilco "Passenger Seat"

The handsomely neck bearded Luck is looking to cement his status as one of the top QB's in the NFL this weekend. He is already on the cusp of achieving that goal, but he'll have a huge obstacle to overcome if he wants to reach that next plateau. An incredibly smart and talented athlete out of Stanford, you can see his education paid off with his ability to recognize the structure of opposing defenses and his quick ability to get the ball out of his hands and into the arms of his prime targets.

Anthony Castonzo - The Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian"

The player who busted out the slick looking Dhalsim dance move from Street Fighter has this appropriately suited 80's hit from The Bangles as his tune of choice. The BC grad has quickly rose to fame since his arrival in Indianapolis, and has definitely improved his skill set and accuracy when it comes to finding the right routes to cross that will hopefully lead to the correct alignment when it comes to catching a pass and avoiding defenders.

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