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Local Boys Jack Romanov Electrify The Crowd at TT's

Local Boston boys Jack Romanov really stirred the crowd this past Sunday at TT the Bears where they were part of a bill that included Pulitzer Prize Fighter among others. I was largely unfamiliar with the guys, and boy did they leave me with quite a memorable first impression! From the sleek and sexy vocals of Nick Aikens to the drumstick breaking abilities of Nico Renzulli, plus the intricate keyboard abilities of Esteban Cajigas, these guys have all the ingredients necessary to form a strong cohesive outlet. I thoroughly enjoyed what these guys had to offer, and they were perhaps the most memorable act of the evening that definitely fulfilled all of my musical desires in one fell swoop.

For more info on Jack Romanov, 'Like' them on Facebook here and give them a follow on Twitter over here.

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