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MIlwaukee's Jacob Green Brings Something New To The Folk Table

Milwaukee, WI based musician Jacob Green brings a whole lot of instruments in his arsenal, and he evokes a different kind of musician that stands out prominently from the current crop of musicians based in the burgeoning folk rock scene today. In addition to acoustic guitar, Jacob is well versed in banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, and tambourine just to name a few. Having these capabilities in playing all sorts of different instruments allows him to reach audiences in the widest, far reaching manner possible, and hearkens back to the early years of folk down South where musicians were constantly trying to hone their sound. Jacob is an exceptionally talented musician with an immensely bright future ahead of him.

For more on Jacob Green, 'Like' him on Facebook right over here and check out his official website here for more in depth info regarding him, including links to buy his music.

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