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Boston's Four Point Restraints Add An Upbeat Blend Of Indie Rock To The Mix

Boston based indie rock quartet Four Point Restraints add in a degree of vivaciousness and high energy melodic sensibilities to the mix with their unique blend of music. Formed in 2010, the guys have been hitting the road grinding and playing a variety of shows in and around the Boston area that has made the public aware of their musical abilities, and what makes them different and unique from all the other acts out there. It can definitely be a competitive scene out there for sure, but every group is out there to help each other out in some capacity, and these guys certainly have the ability to add a degree of support to other bands that they may be playing with, which also adds an air of diversity to a potentially intriguing bill.

For more on Four Point Restraints, 'Like' them on Facebook here and listen to their latest effort, "Malice" dierctly on their Bandcamp page right over here.

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