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Nashville's Penicillin Baby "Stick It Out" With Latest Single

Nashville based Penicillin Baby just put out an indelible musical concoction just a few days ago for the track, "Stick It Out". The song utilizes upbeat melodies and a steady, fast pace that alows the guys to get their energy out in a positive manner that makes the song incredibly easy going down and will definitely gather some new fans in the process as well. Loved this song immediately from the start, and what I can gather having heard their first song is that they have a very straightforward approach with no frills whatsoever that doesn't pull any punches, and it's pretty easy to fall head over heels for these guys musically as they have an absolutely beautiful way of knocking these tracks out of the park and leaving you want more by the end of it all.

To take a listen to "Stick It Out" for yourself, it's available on their Soundcloud site right over here, and for more info on the guys in Penicillin Baby you can 'Like' them on Facebook right over here and follow on Twitter at this spot here.

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