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Anglesey, UK Based Dora Nadine Get Ready For "Summer" With New Vid

From across the pond in Anglesey, England comes the explosive pop-punk stylings of Dora Nadine. With a gritty and explosive charge right out of the gate, these lovely lads will strom into your collective consciousness with reeling guitar riffs, scorching out melodies that are ripened for the summertime, and killer vocal hooks that will leave you wanting more by the time the video has concluded. This vid takes you on a journey as the band explores the great outdoors amidst the colorful backdrop of the British countryside as they partake in everything that is surround them, and serves as a window into their lives as a band looking to make a dent beyond the confines of their hometown and amongst the shores of American music listeners. If you're a British pop-punk junkie like myself, then this vid is definitely for you!

For more on Dora Nadine, 'Like' them on Facebook here and check out their official website over here for more in depth information concerning them.

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