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MusicBoxPete's "Bands of Spring Break" Photo Special

With students of colleges coming back from spring break right now and the snow slowly starting to melt, it's time to warm things up a bit here on the site and remove some clothing with the return of my famed shirtless band photo special titled "Bands of Spring Break"! When the 2 previous editions of this special I did last summer proved to be so popular and successful, I had to bring it back for another go around that exposes your eyes to your favorite groups in a different light than ever before, obviously with much more skin that will get the motors running of those moseying through the pics. And now, I proudly present this year's crop of half-naked musicians:

Ryan Sulken - Drummer of BoyMeetsWorld

Cincinnati based BoyMeetsWorld have been developing a huge following with their cutting edge pop-punk rhythms, but really have been striking a nerve with their mostly female teenage fanbase mostly due to the insatiable good looks of their drummer Ryan Sulken. An absolute machine on the drums and an insanely good looking guy in general, you'll definitely feel hypnotized just by looking at this man do what he does best night in and night out.

Esteban Cajigas - Bassist of Jack Romanov

One of my favorite bands in the Boston scene right now, Jack Romanov totally knows how to bring it night in and night out with their impeccable stage presence and highly eclectic blend of indie rock. But one thing that stands out about some of the guys is their inability to keep their shirts on, most notably the bassist Esteban Cajigas (pictured far left). In this pic here taken from one of their recent practice sessions with their brand new guitarist Michael Mirabella (far right), Esteban really amps up the arousal factor here with his finely toned bod providing for some very satisified onlookers, and gives more incentive for people to check out the band in concert as well.

James Janocha - Former drummer of Twin Berlin

Another New England based act graces this year's edition, and one member in particular really stands out from among the pack. James Manocha used to bang the drums in Twin Berlin, and one of his trademarks was his glowing and sweaty body moving ferociously through every song, while also surely elliciting attention from some concertgoers as well. Even though he's not in the band anymore, he did provide for some memorable experiences and definitely contributed a great deal to the band's success.

Matt Giolito - Drummer of That Racket

Another Bay State band has made it on to the list, and it's none other than the young upstarts in That Racket. Based out of Andover, the boys have been playing a bevy of small venues in and around the area. But one member of the band that realy likes to get down and dirty is the drummer Matt Giolito. Where people usually gather in the venues, his shirt is somewhere crumpled behind the kit as he blasts thorugh his songs with a ferocious attitude and leaves no stone unturned with his impeccable bod making heads spin.

Zack Hankins - Lead Singer of The Relevant Elephants

Rounding out the list is a local band that you might have seen while running to catch the T at the Park Street or Downtown Crossing stations, The Relevant Elephants. They have a knack for being a highly fun loving and creative band, and also for shedding some clothing as seen in this pic of Zack taking it all off a few years back at one of their very first shows. There's a certain kind of randomness when it comes to seeing this band in concert as you never know what you'll see them cover live, but one thing's for sure that they will get you hooting and hollering much like they did when this pic was taken!

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