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Sweden Exports Chirping Release Magical Track "A Warning of Sorts"

Fresh out of Stockholm, Chirping are here on firm U.S. land with their amazing track, "A Warning of Sorts". With a huge melodic twist and an indie/garage rock feel similar to The Strokes, Chirping have that under the radar sound that takes in those indie influences you love so much and presents it on a musical platter that will definitely excite your senses and take you to musical soundscapes that you never deemed to be possible. I loved these Swedes from the start, and they really capture the spirit and diversity that is echoing out of there at this very moment with another of my obsessions The Royal Concept a native of that region as well. What these immensely talented folks have done with their brightly blond locks is something to be admired and treasured and one to fall in love with due to their insanely catchy hooks and free form vibe.

To take a listen to "A Warning of Sorts", it's available on their Soundcloud site right here and for more info on Chirping, 'Like' them on Facebook right over here and follow their adventures on Twitter at this link here.

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