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Boston Based Eyes On Satellites Evoke Influences of Underoath On New EP "Explorations"

Boston based hardcore outfit Eyes On Satellites released their debut EP earlier this year titled "Explorations". Formed just last year, the members of these bands played a variety of venues with their prior bands, including most notably The Palladium in Worcester, MA which has a huge following for hardcore/metal shows, featuring people flocking from all over to check out the crop of metal acts passing through town. These guys have a notable Underoath influence embedded within their sound who I was a huge fan of, and it allowed me to easily access the band's musical tonality that has a rich and deep musical texture that really evokes the band's musical sensibility and work ethic that is apparent when they all came together to record this effort in the studio. A must listen for hardcore fanatics.

To check out "Explorations" for yourself, it's available for purchase on iTunes here and on Spotify among streaming music outlets, you can find more on Eyes On Satellites by giving them a 'Like' on Facebook over here .

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