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Boston's Own The Shills Release Brand New Single "Some They Try"

Boston bred rockers The Shills have just made available their latest single titled, "Some They Try". The guys have an inventive, cleverly placed musical aesthetic that can't possibly be classified to one particular genre, and instead relies on its own musical sensibilities to allow this song to break away from the pack, and into its own corner where listeners will revel in its unique properties that others will soon latch onto. These guys have been a familiar name to me in the local music scene, and it's great to see them do something that deviates slightly from what some of the other local acts are doing, and that's quite fine by their own standards as that is exactly what they set out to do since they started this band.

The song is a preview of their forthcoming release "Keep Your Hands Busy, Vol. 2" out on May 19. To check out "Some They Try" for yourself, head on over to their Soundcloud page right here and for more info on The Shills, 'Like' them on Facebook here and visit their official website over here.

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