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The Relevant Elephants Make Their Triumphant Return With Their New Track "A Yes or A No"

They're back! Boston's The Relevant Elephants make their long awaited return with their brand new single titled "A Yes or a No". The band have a frenetic, excitable sound to them that defintiely illicits crowd involvement whenever you attend one of their shows, and you'll be reeled in to sing along in unison with the band when you hear it being played live for the first time. I've been a huge fan of these guys for a couple of years now after first hearing them play at the Downtown Crossing T stop, and I'm just constantly enamored by the depth and quality of talent that they're capable of displaying whereever they go. Frontman Zack Hankins has a goofy, carefree nature about him that exudes confidence and enjoyment whenever you see him play live, and you'll be a true believer in these guys when you've heard this song from start to finish.

To check out "A Yes or a No" in its entirety, the band have posted it on their Soundcloud page right over here, and don't forget to 'Like' the guys on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter directly over here.

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