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Jack Romanov Launch Indiegogo Campaign To Fund Upcoming LP

Boston's own Jack Romanov need some help from their fans and general music lovers alike to fund their just finished second album, "After Ignorance, Before The Start". The guys released their debut release "Sincerely..." back in September, and the guys have spent the better portion of the winter holed up in the studio and giving their all to create a high quality effort that will hopefully move them further into the upper echelon of the local scene. The guys have just put up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help the band cover the costs of production, mixing, and mastering of the new release. Plus when you donate at a certain level, you'll get a choice of some sweet rewards including a personalized e-mail thank you, stickers, t-shirts, artwork, lyric sheets, and for the high level donors an opportunity to have drinks with the band or have the guys come play at your house! The guys are some of the most fantastically talented guys I've come across in some time, and they totally deserve every bit of support amed in their direction so please consider donating to the cause, big or small the guys surely appreciate it either way!

To donate to Jack Romanov's Indiegogo campaign, click on this link right here, and stay tuned to Jack Romanov's Facebook page here and on their Twitter feed over here for all the latest updates pertaining to the release of the album.

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