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Eilen Jewell Reveals Mexican Acoustic Influence on "Rio Grande"

One time Boston native Eilen Jewell reveals her unique folk sensibilities on her brand new single "Rio Grande". Eilen spent some time here in Boston previously, but has since retreated back to her hometown of Boise, ID where her musical influences were enstilled in her at a young age. On her new single "Rio Grande", she reveals a very upbeat side of her with a strong Mexican influenced track that is totally out of left field, but works to a great degree and reveals a different side of her musical personality that we haven't had the opportunity to experience until now. I was impressed with what I heard from EIlen, and she definitely has her own unique style and voice to communicate with her listening audience who will find something soothing and comforting about her music.

To check out "Rio Grande" for yourself, it's available on her Soundcloud page right here, and for more info on Eilen Jewell, give her a 'Like' on Facebook here and visit her official website over here to get more info about her.

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