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Boston's Cordelia & The Buffalo Stream New Track "Lather & Rinse"

Boston based indie outfit Cordelia & The Buffalo have unleashed their latest track off their just released, self-titled EP called "Lather & Rinse". The track has a layered, indie dream pop approach to it with vivid instrumentation and cooing vocals that pour throughout all crevices of the song to deliver an earthy texture to it that is absolutely indelible and will be played endlessly on repeat. I was enthralled with these guys almost immediately after first listen, and really gravitated towards their outlandish musical image you see above that is both parts revealing and eye opening, showing off some skin from the guys in the band and also hinting at different facets of each of the band member's individual personalities. I most certainly have high hopes for these talented musicians moving forward, and I look forward to attending one of their shows which is sure to be an enriching experience!

To take a listen to "Lather & Rinse" for yourself, it's available for streaming on their Soundcloud page right here, and for more info on Cordelia & The Buffalo, 'Like' them on Facebook right here and visit their official homepage over here for more in depth info concerning the band.

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