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Local Songwriter Ryan Langlois Releases Cover of Faces "Ooh La La"

Originally hailing from Walnut Creek, CA but calling Boston his home base, Ryan Langlois just put out a cover vid yesterday for his take on The Faces "Ooh La La". The simply shot vid sees Ryan injecting his laid back charm and charisma into a track that seems like it was tailor made for him to put his own spin on it. I've had the pleasure of meeting and seeing Ryan in concert earlier on this year, and he is an exceptionally talented individual who has a very simple and straightforward stage presence, but when you hear him sing that's where the real beauty lies and you immediately feel the conveyance of what he's trying to communicate directly to you. I'm very blessed to know Ryan, and I know with absolute certainty that he's definitely going to make it a long way in his musical career.

For more on Ryan Langlois, give him a 'Like' over on his Facebook page over here and check out his official homepage as well right here.

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