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Andy Newton - A Banner Day

Somerville based singer-songwriter Andy Newton has just released his debut solo album titled A Banner Day. The effort is a folk leaning collection full of Americana inspired tunes that really evokes the musical sensibility that emanates so strongly from Andy's melodic output, and brings about an impressive and cohesive collection of tunes gathered forth here before you.

We start things off with "In Due Time", a laid back, ethereal tune with Andy's warm and inviting musical glow on display with breezy guitar melodies and impeccable vocals making this a worthwhile listen and a great start to a promising album ahead. "Brush It Off, Henry" is a more upbeat and musically polished number with a wider variety of instrumentation, and a tightly wound musical construct that also hints at the musical diversity that we're about to encounter later on. "How You Love Me" brings the lights down low with a more relaxed number that really cuts to the core and essence of what Andy's music is all about, deep and honest songwriting that holds nothing back and lets the music do all the talking right here. "Sparrows" is my favorite track off the album that really hit me hard with Andy's cooing and insatiable vocals working their magic through the musical confines, and has a deep, punctuating rhythm that you can't help but to welcome in with open arms and let it enfold you bit by bit. "I Guess That Really Was The Last Time" features more varied arrangements and Andy's vocals once again guiding the track to a more free wheeling nature that does its own thing and leads in to the second half perfectly.

"Those Fine And Good Blues" starts off the second half with an out of left field number that shows off some of Andy's musical influences all in one neat little package that you can't help but to be entertained by and watch the magic unfold right before your listening ears. "RIver Rushing Through My Heart" is a very well constructed number that shows off a complete ensemble effort with each band member contributing something different and unique to the composition that takes it in a different direction than any of the members ever dreamed of. "Providence Rain" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with a weathered folk feel that shows off Andy's folk sensibility that is as raw and unadulterated as it was when the album first began and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. "In Duer Time" concludes the album with a mellow and somber melody that really captures the emotional intensity felt throughout this album and allows it to coast off into the sunset without much trouble. I was very impressed with what I heard from Andy's album when he sent me the finished product. There was much to be desired and he definitely has that unspoken talent and creativity that fuels his musical desire to showcase his talents to a receptive audience, and display some separation from the other acts in the local scene emerging right now. A true talent with a very promising road ahead of him.

Looking back, a solid debut effort from Andy Newton, a local talent fresh on the scene that is looking to make a climb up the musical totem pole, and show his goods to a fresh audience who will definitely find some unheralded beauty embedded deep within his sound.

Album Score: 3.5/5

Track Listing:

- In Due Time

- Brush It Off, Henry

- Kelly Green

- How You Love Me

- Sparrows

- Like We Used To Do

- I Guess That Really Was The Last Time

- If You Gotta Go, Go Now

- Those Fine And Good Blues

- I'll Be Satisified

- RIver Rushing Through My Heart

- When I Fall In Love Again

- Providence Rain

- In Duer Time

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