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Cincinnati's Great Dane Gearing Up To Release New EP Recorded Right Here in Boston

Cincinnati based post hardcore outfit Great Dane are gearing up to release their brand new EP that was recorded right here in the Boston area. The band have a loud, abrasive sound to them but what makes them so special and unique is how incredibly friendly and down to earth each of the guys are. I got the opportunity to chat with Dakota from the band after the Hawking show at TT's last month, and immediately drew a connection at how focused and dedicated himself and the band is to their craft. I always have a soft spot in my heart for the state of Ohio, especially people from Cincinnati as the music scene there is starting to explofr and represents a entire cross section of people looking to make music their passion and career. The band recorded their upcoming EP over at Getaway Recording in Wakefield, and their time spent here has allowed them to fall in love with the city of Boston and everything associated with it. Infinite levels of love and respect to these guys for choosing Boston to record their upcoming release.

For more on Great Dane, please give them a 'Like' on Facebook right over here and check out their previously released music over on their Bandcamp site at this spot here. Keep an eye out for their upcoming EP expected to be released later on this year.

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