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Populace Bring The Funk At PA's Lounge Show

Based out of the Boston area, Populace definitely brought the funk with them a couple of weeks ago when they hit up PA's Lounge for some pre 4th of July festivities. The guys have a highly layered R&B sound that most certainly evokes crowd participation, most notably the ability to dance along to the band's melodic sensibilities that are just oozing and dripping off the walls when you first see them play. It was definitely an entertaining experience for sure, and what made them most unique was their ability to stand out in the crowd and do something completely different, which was just be thmelseves and let the music flow out naturally. Everyrthing else will take care of itself, and each musician was able to pick off the energy feeding off each other, and transmit it to a waiting audience that will definitely reciprocate the love flowing through the room at that very moment.

For more on Populace, please give them a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook right over here, and visit their official website at this spot here for all the latest news on the band, including their upcoming shows to the Boston area.

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