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Joe Holt - Brighter Moons

British born and Berklee raised singer-songwriter Joe Holt has just put out his full length debut release titled Brighter Moons. The collection is a raw and picturesque set of tunes that shows the immense talent and charisma that Joe has amassed during his time here in Boston. You'll definitely find something to appreciate from him that will increase your appreciation for him and everything he brings to the musical climate around the area.

We start things out with "Harness Kiss", a raw and highly melodic tune that punctures through right away, and introduces you to Joe's raw and dynamic vocal abilities that show off the unfiltered emotion that he's capable of putting out at any give time, a song that is both equal parts unflinching and unnerving. "Sleeping Soundly" is my favorite track off the album that evokes Joe's musical character and charisma that are on full display and presented to you in living color right here. Amazing acoustic guitar melodies coupled with Joe's soothing and immensely beautiful voice that continue to get better and better as the album rolls along. "I'm Leaving You" cuts everything right down to the core with an emotional ballad that sees Joe telling a different side of the romantic picture that is equal parts dour and moving. "FInd Them All" breathes some energy into your life with Joe's trademark British charm working his magic right away with breezy acoustic guitar interludes and warm vocal talents once again providing for a relaxing and worthwhile listen.

The second half of the effort features "No More", starting off with a fast paced acoustic jam, that eventually settles down into a steady composition that shows off a different side of Joe that we haven't had the opportunity to see just yet. "The Man In My Mind" dims the lights down low with a warm and cozy track that evokes all the trademark emotion and charisma that is instilled inside Joe at all points throughout the tune. "You're Not The Person You Used To Be" brings it all down to lyrical honesty and emotional perfection on this one with Joe's amazing vocals once again working their magic, and simple structured acoustic guitar melodies finding spots in your heart to bellow and become part of you. The final songs of the effort are "Again", a raw and potent track that is so realistic that is almost feels like Joe is right in front of you performing while drinking a cup of coffee appreciating the moment that is happening right in front of you. "Carry Me Along" ends our musical stay here with a perfect closing track that takes in elements we've heard at various moments throughout the collection, and presents it to us in an encapsulated format that allows us to appreciate every musical moment we've encountered along the way that will allow you to come to the realization at just how special and talented Joe really is.

I had the thrill and pleasure of sitting in during one of Joe's recording sessions that took place at The Record Comapny right here in Boston while putting this album together, and I have to honestly tell you it was one of the big thrills and pleasures of my life as it showed me how truly special and beautiful Joe is inside and out. While talking after wrapping up in the studio for the day, he told me how important my site is and how it's a valuable outlet for musicians to allow their voices to be heard. I immediately gave him a hug after hearing these words as no one has told me that face to face. This is exactly what I strived to achieve after first starting up the site, and hearing those words really made me fell chuffed and blessed to have people like Joe in my life.

In conclusion, a terrific and riveting collection of tunes that introduces Joe to the musical spectrum, and to people who may not know about him just yet. You definitely will fall head over heels after hearing this collection of tunes that shows the amazing personality and impeccable musical abilities of Joe Holt to everyone around eager and willing to give a listen.

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

- Harness Kiss

- Sleeping Soundly

- Maybe Somewhere

- I'm Leaving You

- FInd Them All

- We'll Be Okay

- No More

- The Man In My Mind

- Seeing You

- You're Not The Person You Used To Be

- Again

- Carry Me Along

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