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Long Island's Bohemians Turn Some Heads @ Recent Cafe 939 Show

Long Island based alt-rockers Bohemians made some ears pop when they dazzled the crowd at Cafe 939 this past Friday where they opened for Night Lights. I immediately knew the band was special the moment I walked through the door, and what made it for me was their stage presence and their ability to keep the audience members eyes focused squarely on them. They belted through their set all wearing various color coordinated garb that made them stylish to say the least, and their music had a high energy, electro dynamic to it that was almost impossible not to love and made you fall head over heels for the band right on the spot. I got the chance to talk to vocalist Luke right after the show, and he immediately gave me a hug that showed me at how sincere, caring, and super appreciative he is of everyone around him. A great act that is definitely worthy of you checking out.

For more on Bohemians, please 'Like' them on Facebook right over here and follow their travels on Twitter at this junction here.

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