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The Foresters - Sun Songs

New Haven, CT based indie rock outfit The Foresters have arrived with their all new studio release titled Sun Songs. The 8 song collection is a deep, raw collection of tunes that show the bands' progression into young adults and into a collective that is capable of transmitting their emotional output to an open and willing audience.

We start things off with "Everything Is Temporary", a straightforward, no frills rocker that shows off the band's dynamic, welcoming you with the incredible lead vocals of Evan Nork who has matured into a confident and more than capable frontman who has a take charge personality and aids immensely in the band's musical dynamic and makeup. "They Raised A Man On The Sun" features some indelible drumwork from Evan's brother Liam, and takes all of the collective brothers' musical knowledge and spreads it all throughout the musical spectrum into something that seems like it was accomplished by musicians who have had years of experience, and these boys have only been at it for a few years running now. "Paper People" is my favorite track off the album as its simplisitic beauty is what really drew me to it. Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, the purely acoustic number shows off the band's unheraleded beauty and everything that they're capable of accomplishing in one fell swoop, and really leaves you speechless and wondering how more amazing these guys can get.

Moving on, "Machiines" is the first single from the new release that features full featured melodic hooks and rapturous guitar licks that give off the feel of a band that really know how to feed off the collective energy of each other. Hayden delivers some amazing bass work and contributes backing vocals that add a certain dexterity to the group that really puts the icing on the cake. "Celestialism" gets ready to close the effort out with a minimalist number that uses a bevy of organically laced instrumentation that shows off the band's ingenuity and skill set that are unrivaled at this point, and can't get any better than it already has. "Afternoon" ends it all here with a distorted, varied rocker that completes the band's musical odyssey and shows how far the band has come from three brothers playing together in a garage, to traveling around the greater Northeast showcasing their sound to their small but ever growing legion of fans who will marvel at how experienced and talented they truly are. I first featured these guys as an Artist Spotlight back in 2011, and The Foresters continue to amaze me each and every time with their musicianship and knowledge that has left me shaking my head in awe at how immensely dedicated they are. Making the transition into young adults has allowed their music to grow along with it, and things can only get brighter and more fruitful from here.

In closing, a well orchestrated effort from The Foresters, a band who have come a long way from a bunch of siblings playing together in a basement, to a group of three brothers who love each other and are making their dreams of playing together in a band coming to fruition right in front of them.

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

- Everything is Temporary

- They Raised A Man On The Sun

- Swan Jeremy

- Paper People

- Machines

- How The World

- Celestialism

- Afternoon

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