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Today Junior - Ride The Surf

Allston, MA's pride and joy Today Junior have released their much anticipated sohomore release titled Ride The Surf. The follow up to 2013's "What's The Skinny?" finds the trio continuing to cultivate a world of indie influenced dance rock sounds, only this time there's more of a psychedelia influenced tone to their sound that makes this effort more diverse than its counterpart, and allows the guys to branch out their collective wisdom into areas that they never dared to go before.

We start things out with "Come of Age" a mellow, subtle jam featuring the tremendous drum work of Mike O'Toole and his brother Harry providing lead vocals that add a distorted effect and a otherworldly effect of colorful sounds right in your midst that are an absolute blast to watch and hear develop right in front of you. "Gracie" is another well put together jam that hits at a different angle than the previous track did, featuring more noticable drumwork from Mike who really is the collective backbone of the group that provides so much rhythm and enjoyment that you'll be guaranteed not to be entertained by hearing them perform. "Bitcrusher" moves at a more steady pace, and you can feel the rhythmic feedback bouncing through the speakers, with Harry's distorted vocals heard off in the distance that make it feel like you're surfing the shoreline at your favorite beach, much like in the cover art of the album. "Small Talk" features some more downtempo melodies, and the terrific bass work of Anthony Ambrose gives the act an added 1-2 punch that can't possibly be matched by anyone else out there, and provides for some more sweet musical memories that are piling up as we speak.

The second half features "Hung Up (On You)", a psychedelia influenced jam that really shows off the bands creative lifeblood that is brimming with all sorts of musical possibilities that are just exploding off the forefront, waiting for some passing listener to gravitate towards its beauty. "Daydrifter" is my favorite track off the album that really evokes the band's creative desires and spirit all rolled into one. Exquisite drumwork and Harry's echoing vocals once again give you all the incentive you need to experience this act performing at the highest level possible, and this song also becomes a trademark of who they are as regular people and musicians as well. The disc's title track is one big tidal wave of excitement that just billows at the start, and builds up expotentially as Mike's drumming speed accelerates, and provides for a memorable track that captures all of your summertime adventures and odysseys in one fell swoop. "Younger Days" ends our stay here with a serene and peaceful jam that allows the disc to conclude on a quiet scale, much like the first track did and bring with it some meloides we've heard in some capacity beforehand that give an overall synopsis of what the album feels like. Accidentally encountering these guys 3 years ago at Copperfield's remains one of the highlights of my musical existence, and Mike stopping to chat with me for a good while afterwards shows at how sociable and appreciative himself and Harry are of everyone appreciating their craft and what they bring night in and night out to shows and on record. An amazing act that I'm so proud to call my friends and musical brothers in arms.

In closing, a well executed and produced effort from Today Junior, a Boston band that have been on the cusp for the last few years, but are poised to make their breakthrough with this effort that captures their far reaching musical dynamic and defines their musical spirit and creative vision.

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

- Come of Age

- Gracie

- Out of Reach

- Bitcrusher

- Small Talk

- Lost in Conversation (interlude)

- Hung Up (On You)

- Daydrifter

- What I Said

- Ride The Surf

- Rolling Stone's Farewell

- Younger Days

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