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Boston Based Carly Tefft Launches Acoustic August Campaign With "These Nights"

Local singer-songwriter Carly Tefft has released her first entry in her weekly Acoustic August campaign titled "These Nights". Every Monday throughout the month, Carly will be releasing an acoustic track that will give you something new to mellow out to, and provide for some ample summertime fun as the season begins to wind down. On this track in particular, Carly has a deeply passionate focus as she brings the magic and fun of summertime right to your doorstep. She has been featured multiple times over on the site previously, a proud Berklee alum with her fiery red hair and unadulterated beauty in her voice that really brings everything full circle for you. If you're not familiar with Carly's musical presence just yet, you definitely will be by the time this song has concluded.

To check out "These Nights" for yourself, it's available on her Soundcloud page right here, and for more on Carly give her a 'Like' on Facebook over here and check out her official homepage at this locale here for all the latest up to the minute information on her whereabouts.

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