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The Symptoms - Lens

Boston based indie group The Symptoms have just released their debut LP titled "Lens". The effort is a highly focused and creative endeavour from a group that are aiming to make their presence known among the countless others in the ever expanding Boston music scene. These guys make their own blend of rock that is different from what everyone else is doing out there.

We start things out with "Buried", a bluesy jam that really digs deep form the start, and allows the members to kindly introduce themselves to a curious and open minded listening audience. "Blinds" is another solid jam with terrific guitar licks featuring a high degree of time signatures that allows each member to be on point and on cue with each and every passing note. "In White" starts off with an eerie, mysterious pattern followed by some incredible drum work that shows off the band's ability to think outside of the box, and stick to the script and the musical task at hand. "Everything" is my favorite track off the effort with solid drum work, terrific vocal pieces, and tightly wound instrumentation from all parties involved that gives off the aura of a band who is functioning at the highest level possible, and knows exactly where their path takes them.

The second half of the effort features "Faded Forests", a well put together track that shows some sonic progression from the beginning of the album, and hints at the band's evolution and the progress that they have made on their journey to make their musical presence known to everyone around them. "Tryna" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with a somber, melancholy tune that evokes the band's ability to cut to the root core of their emotions, and expose bit by bit different facets of their musical personality that continues to wow and amaze so deep within the album. "Image" concludes the effort with a track that blends in elements we've heard previously in some way, shape, or form and really evokes the band's image and style quite nicely, and makes us familiar with a band that we don't really know about just yet, but have become intimately familiar with in passing. There was something definitely to be appreciated from The Symptoms, and I myself was very pleased with what I heard from these fellas as they represent a group that is very slowly on the rise and beginning to make their way out into the open where they will become even more noticable by a segment of the population who will greatly appreciate and applaud their musical efforts.

In summary, a well produced and executed effort from The Symptoms, a band who probably aren't on your musical radar just yet, but will be shortly as they play some of the most complex and intricate musical arrangements around, but are easily accessible by everyone and anyone who appreciates great music.

Score: 3.5/5

Track Listing:

- Buried

- Blinds

- Today

- In White

- Everything

- Cigarette

- Faded Forests

- Watcher

- Tryna

- Image

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