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SF Giants Release Full House Parody Video "Full Clubhouse"

To brighten up your day and head into the weekend, the San Francisco Giants released on their Facebook page this morning their interpretation of the Full House theme song titled "Full Clubhouse" The absolutely hilarious and genius clip features picturesque shots of the Bay Area, along with the club's homebase of AT&T Park which serves as a backdrop for the vid. Making appearances in the clip is shortstop Brandon Crawford, right fielder Hunter Pence, third baseman Matt Duffy, relievers Jeremy Affeldt and Javier Lopez, manager Bruce Bochy, and second baseman Joe Panik. Joey Gladstone himself aka Dave Coulier makes a cameo in the very end of the clip that will add even more laughs to this superbly awesome video! The clip is in promotion of the Full House tribute event that will be happening on September 30th before their home slate against the Dodgers in which commemorative snowglobes will be handed out to the first few thousand attendees at the park. The Giants definitely deserve a A+ for creativity in doing this promotional spot that will brighten up the lives of everyone native to the SF Bay Area.

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