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MusicBoxPete Teaming Up With Bishop and Rook for Boston Scene Party Showcase 9/14 @ Charlie's Ki

You probably saw the full announcement last week, but MusicBoxPete is so excited to announce that we're teaming up with Bishop and Rook, Disposable America, and Boston Scene Party to bring you a night of music you won't forget, all taking place on 9/14 at Charlie's Kitchen located right in the heart of Harvard Square. We're so proud to bring you 3 bands that we all feel super passionate about, and gives you some insight as to the groups that are making waves in the local music scene right now as we speak, and may also get you hooked on your next local musical obsession!

Performing will be Tied To A Bear, Twin Foxes based from the Providence, RI area, and Me in Capris hailing from the NH region. All three of these acts have something unique in common: they all create amazing music that all has an element that illicts audience participation, and one that will get everyone involved in being a part of the local music scene here in Boston that is flourishing right at this very moment.

Tickets for the show are $5 and it's 21+ with the music getting underway at 9pm. For more info on the show, head on over to the official Facebook event listing right here. For more info on Boston Scene Party and what we do, our official website is located over here.

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