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Best Years - Drop Out EP

Manchester, UK based Best Years have just released their all new, sophomore EP titled Drop Out. The immensely talented pop-punk band are gearing up to make their landing on American shores with this offering that brings the spirit and enthusiasm of their youth front and center, and seeks to bring about an excitement back to the genre not seen in quite awhile.

We start things off with "Built To Last", a fast paced jam that starts things out with an intense, frenetic drum beat that ultimiately leads to all of the other instrumentation falling into place, and feeding off the creative juices that have gathered forth to get things off to a roaring start. Frontman Joel Plews has a raw and dynamic vocal range that allows you to immediately sense what he's feeling from the start, and makes you feel settled in and ready to experience what's in front of you. My favorite song off the effort is the first single "Overrated", a classic slice of pop-punk that brings back the the spirit of my youth with an unwavering, melodic arsenal that shoots straight for the heart, and leaves no stone unturned in its wake. Solid drum beats coupled with swooning guitar licks makes this song a great way to wrap up your summer, and gives you focus as we anxiously await what's coming up next for us down the road. "Back Then" wraps up the album much like the way it started, amped up drumwork coupled with Joel's piercing vocals once again delivering the final blow in what is a very short, yet immensely worthwhile listening experience that allows you to appreciate the depth and quality of talent emanating from the U.K. that much more. Best Years have gotten some exposure here on the site before, and I do use the word "exposure" literally with their music video for "Overrated" that shows the guys performing in nothing but their underwear, and gives you time to lust for some hot skin and appreciate their finely toned bods that will definitely cure your summertime blues, and make you enjoy the lovely lads that much more. You know just as well as I do that I'm absolutely obsessed with British pop-punk, and Best Years are just another band in a long line of established acts from across the pond that definitely have the skillset and fortitude to make a long run in choosing this profession as their full time career.

In closing, a well made and terrific effort put forth by Best Years, an act that has a high career projectory arc that sees them shooting straight for the sky, and making a long run in this together as five chaps who truly love playing with one another.

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

- Built To Last

- Overrated

- Back Then

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