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Twin Berlin Make A Comeback With New Album "Drowner", Release Show Set For PA's Lounge

Torrington, CT based garage rockers Twin Berlin are back on the scene with their just completed, brand new studio album titled 'Drowner", and have just unveiled the lineup for their all star release show set for PA's Lounge on 10/23. These guys have been nothing short of stellar in their musical time on this earth, seeing them in concert the last couple of times has always been a raucous affair, usually resulting in articles of clothing being shed, and lots of drinking and galvanting around stage that really opens eyes, turns heads, and makes everyone fall in love with them at first sight. Frontman Matt Lopez and bassist Sean O'Neil are literally two of the nicest dudes I've ever met, and they've been nothing short of ridiculously awesome creatures every time I meet up with them in person, and I can honestly say that Matt is very easy on the eyes and the same can be said about their music that does have a certain beauty when you first hear it.

Also performing at the release show later next month will be Minor Moon, The Short Term, The Glazzies, and Today Junior. For more info on the show, click on the FB event listing here, and don't forget to 'Like' Twin Berlin over here while you're at it, and follow them on Twitter as well over here and check out their music over on their Bandcamp site at this locale here.

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