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Me in Capris - For Those Who Think You EP

Boston based indie rock act Me in Capris have just released their brand new EP titled "For Those Who Think You". The 6 song collection allows you to delve inside the personalities of a band that is largely unknown by those around them, but are slowly starting to gain traction and become known stylistically for their strong work ethic and amazing musicality that they display both on record and in concert.

We kick things off with "Little Faith, A Bit of Romance", a hauntingly beautiful track that starts off with some amazing guitar licks and a low key, mellow personality that really carves out a soft spot in your heart for these extremely talented gentlemen. "Cookout" amps up the energy with some electrically charged guitar licks, plus drummer Nick's amazing musicianship is on full display, adding a high degree of energy and charisma to the band's set that is starting to gain some traction as we listen to these songs take flight. "Pretty" has the makings of an old school rocker, clocking in at just under 3 minutes but manages to get alot done in that short span of time with vivacious guitar riffs, syncopated vocals, and Nick's drumwork once again adding in a wave of aura and excitement surrounding the group.

The second half of the EP features the title track, my personal favorite track off the album that starts off amazingly with cooing vocals that are just drop dead amazing and you can really feel the emotion punctuating throughout the room as the song starts off. There is an overall simplicity and aching beauty to this track that can't be ignored, and this is the track that best defines their musical sensibilities and overall musicianship as a band, amazing song all around. We get ready to wrap things up with "Summer of Scowling", a mid tempo rocker that does a great job of bringing in the influences and sounds that made this past summer great, and allows us to look forward with great fervor and anticipation for the rest of the year to follow. "Not My Blues" wraps things up with an all around terrific rocker with the guitar licks blasting out of the walls, and Nick's amazing drumwork giving the songs some energy and personality, and allows you to be well accustomed with the band up close and personal. If you guys got the chance to check them out at the recent Boston Scene Party showcase at Charlie's Kitchen last week, you know exactly what I'm talking about as the guys nearly tore the roof off the place with their high energy set and vivacious on stage personalities that kicked off the night in spectacular fashion with a big throng of people gathered in the small space to send them off. I got the chance to chat with Nick the drummer after the set, and I was particularly impressed with his drumming skills that represented the core of the group's energy and really gives off the feel of a band who just love to be together and play music in general.

All in all, a terrific effort from Me in Capris, a band who definitely have shot onto my radar, and is a band that has taken little baby steps to get where they are right now, but those small steps have taken them a long way and perhaps even further with this effort that will evoke their style and persona to many more fans in the local scene.

EP Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

- Little Faith, A Bit of Romance

- Cookout

- Pretty

- For Those Who Think You

- Summer of Scowling

- Not My Blues

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