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Colbis The Creature - Wake Me Up

Boston based newcomers Colbis The Creature have released their debut album titled Wake Me Up. The effort introduces the band to those around the area who may not be too familiar with them, but will be a welcome introduction as it will bring in a new breed of band capable of exercising their emotions in any way they see fit, and being comfortable in their own musical skin as well.

We start things off with "Tonight" a terrific, melodic track that features strong lead vocals from frontman Nick Caliendo who adds a certain dexterity to the group that evokes a sense of comfort and musical self-worth as the song doesn't feel too overpowering and is just right in its own power. "James Dean" is another solid track that features more tightly wound musical precision, and features the tremendous bass talents of Michael Swanson whom you may remember from his previous outlets Red Star Super Giant to name a few. He contributes greatly to the song's charisma, and seems to really have found his calling among his new musical peers in this band that definitely suits him partcualrly well. "She Smiles" is my favorite track off the album as it strikes the perfect balance between mid-tempo rocker and low key acoustic ballad with NIck's beautiful vocals once again being put on vivid display, and a strong musical performance hatched forth by all parties involved that make this one of the higlights of a very well rounded effort so far.

The second half features the disc's title track, beginning with a very beautiful piano melody that entrances you immediately, and presents a different side of the band that we haven't had the opportunity to experience until now with the sonic wavelengths melding in together nicely with the vocals and other pertinent instrumentation that make this song a keeper and contributing a great deal to the band's character. "The Road I Know" gets us ready for the conclusion of the effort with a somber, low ley effort that strikes an emotional chord that does a great job of neatly laying out all the band's emotional chips, and doesn't hold anything back in its resolve to stake their claim and let their presence be known to the listener. "Howl" finishes everything off with a terrific, emotional blast that takes in elements from what we heard thus far, and translates it for us in a fashion that we can easily decipher and relate to in our personal lives. This was a great listen for me, and it really represents an evolution of sorts from beginning to end as there was a natural progression for the band to get better and not rehash what had already been done. These guys clearly know what works best for them, and feel more than comfortable adhering to their own formula and not trying to emulate anybody else out there other than themselves.

All in all, a splendid effort from Colbis The Creature, a band who is definitely not a household name, but will be a band you'll be curious of checking out in the first place as they definitely have an unspoken aura of them that evokes musical curiosity and is unique in all facets of the word.

Score: 3.5/5

Track Listing:

- Tonight

- James Dean

- She Smiles

- Firefight

- Wake Me Up

- Yellow Car

- The Road I Know

- Corinna

- Howl

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