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Bay Faction - Bay Faction

Boston based indie rockers Bay Faction have just released their brand new, self titled album. The colleciton is a mellow, inviting affair with top notch guitar rhythms and well executed songwriting that makes this album a definite keeper, and one you'll definitely want to have on repeat all the way throughout.

We start things off with "Bloody Nose" a terrific, straightforward rocker with deep, punctuating guitar licks and frontman James McDermott's strong and rhythmic vocal presence that starts the effort off on a high note. "Captive Cows" continues our melodic odyssey with another deep number that features great rhythmic percussion from drummer Connor Godfrey that adds a great deal of energy and passion to an already well thought out effort heard so far. "Coyote" tones things down a couple of notches with some more mellow guitar licks, and some great bass work from Kris Roman that is the core of the band's melodic twist that is omnipresent throughout each and every one of their songs.

The second half of the disc begins with "Sasquatch", my personal favorite song off the effort that is just plain amazing and jaw dropping to say the least. Somber guitar riffs and a soft, mellow musicality makes this song one of the highlights of the album, and a track that represents the band's ability to delve into different tempos and not to be confined by one genre, something that each band strives to do but these guys accomplish with remarkable aplomb. "Casting Couch" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with a return to the band's free wheeling and melodic ways, with James's vocals rapturing you in and taking ahold of you almost immediately, and gets you ready for what is to come. "Jasper WIldlife Assoc." wraps everything up here with a downtempo, lo-fi effort that allows each member of the band to expose their innermost musical influences, and translate it for the audience that gives the listener an idea of what the band members are like as individuals, and as a result that listener will keep coming back to the band for more. Bay Faction have been making the rounds for quite awhile now, displaying their wholly original and totally out there stage presence, most adequately shown at one of their shows at The Middle East last year when James stripped down to his underwear, getting audience members all hot and bothered, and just adds to the arousal factor here surrounding not just James, but the entire band as well.

All in all, a well put forth effort heard forth by Bay Faction, a band that are making a strong case as ones to look out for in the months to come with their straightforward, no nonsense musical approach that makes them a must see act in concert and a must listen act on your speakers.

EP Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

- Bloody Nose

- Captive Cows

- Cutter

- Coyote

- Sasquatch

- Beach Book

- Casting Couch

- Jasper Wildlife Assoc.

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