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Local Indie Rockers Aloud Release Remix of "Darkest Days" Geared Towards Marriage Equality

Boston based indie rockers Aloud have just unveiled a remix of their 2010 track "Darkest Days" that was originally included on their album Exile in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. The track seeks to unify people across all social backgrounds and genders that have to deal with the constant scrutiny of being under a microscope of whom they love and having to deal with the stress and anxiety sometimes being associated with the LGBT community today. I found this track to be particularly moving as it really nailed the emotional intensity that started off almost immediately after the track began, and lasted well throughout the duration of the track and gave the song some poignant grace and emotional thunder. I really loved the way Aloud remixed the track, and gave it a voice and made it relevant with events in today's society that gives those in the LGBT community a chance to be heard, and express their true colors of who they are without having to say why they love whom they love.

To check out the remix of "Darkest Days", it's availablle on their Bandcamp site for free streaming and download right over here, and for more on Aloud give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here and check out their offical homepage at this locale here for more in depth info about the collective.

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