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The Orwells Party It Up @ Converse Rubber Tracks Show at The Sinclair

There was a big shindig recently that took place the other night involving a band that was recently featured here on the site called The Orwells. It all went down at The Sinclair in Harcard Sq,, and while I didn't get the chance to attend, it was a sordid affair with Nice Guys keeping the guys company during their brief jaunt. Converse has been doing this Rubber Tracks Live series for a while now, and its mission is to expose new music to devoted music fans from all across the country all in an effort to boost the profiles of some of these acts. The Orwells definitely fit the profile of that next big, emerging act extremely well, all while displaying the mindset and allure of a band who have been at it for years. They are also super young having graduated high school early back in 2013 to pursue their dreams of being in a band, and it has gotten them this far performing to near sold out conditions across the country. Definitely see a bright future ahead for The Orwells!

For more on The Orwells, 'Like' them on Facebook here and check out their official homepage at this locale here.

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