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Boston Mainstays Air Traffic Controller Release Delightful Music Vid For "The House"

Boston based Air Traffic Controller have just unfurled their brand new music video for the song "The House". The storyline of the vid revolves around a shaggy haired, lanky kid named Lawrence who encounters the usual pitfalls of being an outcast in school, but manages to move up from the bottom rungs of the social ladder, and up the pedestal where he all of a sudden becomes popular after performing during a class presentation. I found the vid to be extremely enjoyable, and really shows off the band's ingenuity quite well, and how dynamic and groundbreaking the group can be when it comes to getting their music out in the open. The song itself is an indelible earworm, and one that you won't be able to get out of your head anytime soon. Of course, AIr Traffic Controller have been featured multiple times before here on the site, and they have been one of those feel good success stories that every local band here would dream of having. The new vid has debuted on MTVU, Funny or Die, and MTV2, plus they will be performing locally at Brighton Music Hall next Monday 11/30 that you'll definitely make sure you'll want to attend as it is guaranteed to sell out in a flash. Tremendous things are in store for the band coming up next year, you just wait and see!

For more on Air Traffic Controller, 'Like' them on Facebook here and give their Twitter feed a look over here. Buy tickets for ATC's show on MOnday over at Brighton Music Hall's website at this junction here.

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