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Boston Raised and Brooklyn Based Vivid Dreams Releases Intriguing "Alpha & Omega" Trac

Originally based from here in Boston but now calling Brooklyn their home turf, lo-fi indie rockers Vivid Dreams are giving listeners a taste of their sound with their new track titled "Alpha & Omega". The song has a diverse, explorative sound that allows the listener to get a sense of who they are musically right from the get go, and is able to find a delicate balance between all the individual musical influences from each member that balances out their sound tremendously, and entices the listener to remain tuned in. I loved these guys almost instantaneously, and was insanely curious as to how their sound would develop throughout the course of the track, and was pleasantly thrilled at how the band members conducted themselves throughout the course of the song, and did a great job of introducing themselves to the prospective listener who may not have heard of them beforehand, but are now well informed of their musical capabilities which are well documented at this point.

To check out "Alpha & Omega" for yourself, it's available for listening on their Soundcloud page right here, and for more on Vivid Dreams, please 'Like' them on their Facebook page conveniently located right here and check out their official homepage at this junction here.

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