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Product Review: Sonos Play: 5 Music System

Sonos just released their sleek, all new Play: 5 music system just in time for the holidays. The beautiful contours and rich sound give way to a dynamic and fulfilling music experience like no other that will have you listening to your entire music library through this system, and it sounds just as crisp and elegant as the day it was recorded.

I got the opportunity to test drive this recently, and it has made countless improvements over its prior incarnations that are leaps and bound ahead of its time, and puts Sonos light years in front of the crowded competition in the wireless speaker arena. The system comes complete with six custom designed drivers with amplifiers that give Sonos its trademark and lush sound that is just oozing right out of the speakers. One new feature in this system is the Trueplay tuning system that allows you to use your smartphone and wave it around the area you listen to music to the most, whether it be in the study, living room, dining room, etc., and gives you the ability to adapt the sound to the utmost conditions of your surroundings. All of Sonos features can be accessed with the Sonos Controller app (available for free download on iOS and Android stores) that gives you the ability to control your Sonos system from anywhere in the house as long as it's connected to Wifi. You can adjust the levels of different Sonos systems throughout your house simultaneously to give you the power to play different songs from various area of your house that gives it a multi-dimensional edge like no other system can follow through.

Sonos definitely delivered on its promise for me, and I definitely found it to be the perfect system to use around your house, apartment dwelling, or other communal living space that will definitely be an attention getter, and brings back the social aspect of listening to music together all under one roof. While this doesn't have an external battery for outdoor use, it's sole purpose and main function is the ability to deliver high-fidelity, studio quality sound right into the comfort of your own place, and the ability to add all of the major streaming music services (including iTunes), puts Sonos into a class of all its own. A must have for any music lover this holiday season.

Score: 4.5/5

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